The FMES is a not-for-profit independent voluntary organization, registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 (Reg. No: Mumbai-218-1995-G.B.B.D.D); and the Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950 (Reg. No: F-17441 Mumbai, 1995), in India. It is also registered under the Income Tax Act, 1961: Section 12A (Reg. No- TR/31522-1995); Section 80G (Order No- DIT(E)/MC/80G/172/2010-11).

The members of the FMES are professionals and activists from various disciplines from different parts of the country. It is governed by the General Body of its members, and the Managing Committee and Office Bearers elected in the General Body meetings. The membership of the FMES is on invitation.

Members of Managing Committee of the Forum for Medical Ethics Society (2015-16)

Sanjay Nagral, Mumbai (Chairperson) sanjay.nagral@gmail.com
Rakhi Ghoshal, Mumbai (Secretary) rakhi.ghoshal@gmail.com
Lubna Duggal, Mumbai (Treasurer) lubnaduggal@gmail.com
Barun Mukhopadhyay, Kolkata (Member) mukhopadhyay.barun@gmail.com
Leni Chaudhury, Mumbai (Member) lenichaudhuri@gmail.com
Sarojini N.B., Delhi (Member) sarojinipr@gmail.com
Shyamala Nataraj, Chennai (Member) nataraj.shyamala@gmail.com
Sunita Sheel Bandewar, Pune (Member) sunita.bandewar@utoronto.ca
Sunita Simon Kurpad, Bangalore (Member) sunita_simon@hotmail.com